Pilates Reformer for Fitness over 50

We are constantly assaulted with information suggesting the various benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle.  As we age our exercise needs change and you may be left wondering ‘what is the best form of exercise for me?’.   

To some degree the answer depends on what you hope to achieve in the coming years:

·        Are you planning an active retirement scaling mountains and walking the Inca trail?

·        Are you hoping to extend your working life for another 5/10/15 years in as peak a physical condition as you possibly can?

·        Have you been given a rude awakening regarding declining health if you don’t do something about it?

·        Or maybe you simply want to live a pain free, independent life for as long as possible.

Pilates can form the basis of your approach whether you want to do of all or some of the above!

You may already be familiar with the concept of Pilates mat classes where a series of exercises are performed essentially using your body, gravity and occasionally hand weights or a resistance band.

Using Pilates apparatus transforms your Pilates exercises to another level.  The use of springs to add load, resistance or assistance to movement means that you can quite literally put your body into positions you would think impossible!  And see quite significant results in a relatively short time.

The exercises are low impact, gentle on joints and generally always closely supervised by expert teachers thus ensuring safe, effective exercise.

If you haven’t got the faintest idea what Pilates apparatus might be, you need to read my previous blog article ‘So what is a Pilates Reformer?’.  

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