Does your handbag carry a health warning?

More and more, Autumn seems to be a time when my friends and familly around me decide to undertake a detox or declutter.  Maybe it’s because the nights start to draw in, we’ll be unable to spend less time outside and the general mess and clutter that have built up in the house just gets too much.

Maybe it’s the ‘back to school’ feeling that pervades – memories of pristine exercise books, squeaky unscratched shoes and the promise of new, unforgettable discoveries.   A ‘clean slate’…….

If you share this sentiment, then you too might be looking at what to shed and what to keep as new habits. I can recommend a really good place to start is your handbag……

The average woman carries a handbag almost everyday of her life.   They may vary in size and price but without fail most of us are carting around a lot of unnecessary load in our bags. And guess what? That load, how we carry it, how far and for how long can have a massive impact on our movement.  

Neck and shoulder pain as a result of overloaded handbags (and rucksacks/manbags!) is increasingly common.   Referred pain into the back, buttocks and legs can also occur.   

So before you venture out tomorrow.  Give the contents of your handbag an appraising eye.  Is that kitchen sink really necessary?

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